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Truly Remarkable Service

Oaseas Education ensures that you will receive personalised guidance on not only achieving your dream of studying overseas but also guide you with making the entire process easier and hassle-free.

Expert advice on choosing the most suitable study program can really make a difference in your professional career. A complete in-depth individual counselling for students to chart out their career path for study abroad, right from selecting the institution, visa arrangement and to taking the flight, we provide the complete spectrum of services for students to be successful in their future studies.

OASES Education is the “One Stop Service Centre”, for education in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, & many other countries.

Free consultation on University and programme selections

Stepping out from the high school, the next challenges you face are: what will I study and where will I study. Mostly, you will wonder whether your study programme will aid you to gain a career that suits the modern world requirements. Knowing these are the major challenges faced by school leavers as well as graduates, we, at OASES are eagerly waiting to consult you to sort out these issues and help you achieve your dreams.

Selecting the desired Country, University selection, and Career guidance

Our services are inclusive of aiding you to find the desired country for your studies, based on your requirements. We extend our services to various countries including the UK, France, Australia etc. In addition, we will recommend you the universities from your desired country in which you can follow the program that will lead you to your dream career. Nevertheless, we will consult you to achieve your career prospects in the future.

University Admission Process

We, at OASES will support you in your university admission process, making it easier for you. We will fill up the university admission application forms and inform you of the other relevant documents that you should bring.

Moreover, based on your university requirements, we help you to prepare personal statements, which you need to submit along with your application.

Furthermore, we will submit required documents to the University at the admission stage on behalf of you. Additionally, if skype interviews are necessary for the admission, we will guide you to prepare for that as well.

Helping you on the visa process

Whether you wish to migrate to study or work, obtaining the correct visa is mandatory. Either way it could be, the process to apply and obtain visa is quite a hassle, especially if you are to do so on your own. Knowing what matters the most is your convenience, we, at OASES are ready to help you to apply for visa.

We will be there to guide you and support you to prepare the supporting documents for your visa application. In addition, we will reserve appointments at VFS or embassies on behalf of you. We will also help you to prepare and submit applications required at the visa stage.

Yes, we know it is harder to leave your loved ones in Sri Lanka and go abroad. Thus, we, at OASES, are there to help you to arrange visa for your loved ones as well. If you need us to arrange visa for dependent such as spouse or children, we are there at your service.

Pre-Departure Preparation

Migrating, either on your own or with your family, away from your motherland is not the easiest task. Yes, you need to prepare yourself for the long journey ahead of you and you should brace yourself to face the challenges that lie ahead of you. Yet, by doing our best to provide you a convenient journey, we, at OASES are there to help you to minimize the challenges you are likely to face.Our experts at OASES Education will guide you on how you should adapt to the country to which you are migrating.

One of the biggest questions most of the students will have is the place where they will stay. Solving your problem, we will provide you the service of arranging your airport pickup to arranging your accommodation.

With OASES, you do not have to find separate agents to reserve your air tickets since we are at your service to provide concessionary air travel arrangements.

Upon your arrival, sometimes you might have to obtain extended visa and we will guide you in that process too.

Support on finding part time job placements

Funding your studies is one of the major challenges encountered by the Sri Lankan international students. Thus, to ease your burden, we are dedicated to support you to find part-time job placements in your desired study destination.

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