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IELTS at OASES education

With Oases Education, preparing for the IELTS test is never a difficult task. We have a wider range of official preparation material for you to get yourself prepared.

One of the pioneering IELTS registration centers in Kurunagala, Oases Education (Pvt) Ltd provides you the opportunity of registering for IELTS test from your hometown. Registered at British Council, Sri Lanka as one of the authorized centers for IELTS test registration, Oases Education saves you from the hassle of driving up to Colombo for registering for your IELTS examination.

Either you wish to migrate for learn or work, for many countries, taking IELTS is a mandatory requirement. As the world’s most popular English Language test, IELTS offers you two tests: General Training Test and Academic tests. If you wish to go abroad to study in either in undergraduate or postgraduate level programs, you are supposed to take the Academic test of IELTS.

We, at Oases, are ready to help you anytime to inform you of the available test dates and available payment options for the exam. Either you wish to take the newly introduced Computer-delivered IELTS test or the paper-based IELTS test – you can register with us.

Before you come for your IELTS registration, ensure to bring your valid passport, which is a mandatory requirement to sit for your IELTS exam. As your authorized agent, we will upload a copy of your passport to the system and you are supposed to take your passport even to the examination premises.

If you are a child, aged below 18, before taking IELTS you are required to obtain your parents’ consent to take IELTS. Hence, if you are under 19, you are supposed to bring the written consent of your parent or guardian for IELTS registration.

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